KOBA family wellness center | Berkeley, CA | Haiti
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WHO we are: Dr. Natasha Fallahi, Dr. Titus Chiu and Tadji Fallahi Kretschmer are raising money for the orphaned Haitian children of Mission Life International
WHAT we are doing: We will use ALL of the donated money to purchase Berkey Water Filters and Purification Systems for the children and orphanage
WHY we are doing this: To offer love, chiropractic care and Berkey filters for clean water
WHEN we are embarking: March 26
WHERE we are going: To Haiti
HOW you can contribute: Make a difference in a child’s life by donating to provide purification filters for clean water

Our Story:

Two years ago, Natasha and Titus stayed with Tadji on their way to Haiti for a chiropractic service trip. While they were in Haiti, they saw that many people didn’t have access to clean, running water.  At the end of month, all three of them are returning to the same city and orphanage. This time, in addition to bringing toys, games, chiropractic tables, open hearts and healing hands, they plan to bring the orphanage easy access to clean water. One of the most important things in our daily life is water and for the cleanest water possible they love the Berkey water filters.

Please join us by donating to this fundraiser so we can bring Berkey water filters to the children of Mission Life International Orphanage. All the donations will go to the purchase of Berkeys and we will pack and bring as many as we have funding for!

What are you going to use the donations for?

There are two units we will buy:

  1. Multi-person Large Berkey Systems with 4, 6 or 8 filters.  The orphanage can use these daily for cooking, washing, brushing their teeth and obviously for drinking water. Each black purifications filter will filter 2,500 to 3,000 gallons of water! In addition, we can attach add-on fluoride and arsenic filters to take out extra toxins.
  2. Individual Sport Berkey Bottles with built-in filter.  The children can bring these anywhere with them, to school or walking around town.  Water can actually be added from any source…a creek, a pond…and filtered directly through the straw! It’s amazing!

What kind of stuff does the Berkey Purification Filter remove?
Pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, viruses, bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, odors and foul taste. It’s a really amazing system. We love drinking water from it and we really want to share it with the children of Haiti.

Will they be able to use these systems in Haiti?

Absolutely! One of the best things about Berkey Systems is the fact that you don’t need water pressure OR electricity to purify the water. Gravity does all the magic using the Black Berkey Purification Filter Elements. In Haiti, it was actually really hard for us to have access to a toilet that flushed or pressurized water in a faucet. So these units are perfect for them!

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