KOBA family wellness center | Berkeley, CA | DNF Jun 01, 2017 @ 06:10
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DNF Jun 01, 2017 @ 06:10

DNF Jun 01, 2017 @ 06:10

“The future of neurology is feminine.” -James Maskell, speaking with Dr. Terry Wahls.
Excited to see my @drtituschiu speak this weekend at the IFM. He always honors the YIN and YANG of healing. Don’t miss his presentation on Saturday morning if you’re at the conference in LA this weekend!

  • glowkang profile image
    Posted at 06:11h, 01 June Reply

    How long are you in town for?

  • drnatashaf profile image
    Posted at 06:12h, 01 June Reply

    @glowkang early next week. Text me!

  • gisoomehr profile image
    Posted at 06:48h, 01 June Reply

    لطفا اگه ممکنه به فارسی هم توضیح بده عزیزم

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